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Elizabeth is a designer, photographer, creative strategist, environmentalist, and serial entrepreneur. She is an Orange County native and Chapman University graduate. Elizabeth is passionate about working with individuals, brands, and companies who serve a greater purpose than their own, and promote global good. She has used her affinity for photography, creative direction, and brand identity with nonprofits and companies such as the United Nations O.C., Redbull, and MySocialCanvas.

When Elizabeth is not designing to change the world, she usually is biking down to the beach for a swim, balancing 10 side hustles, flipping furniture on Craigslist, or continually editing photos of her recent travels or pastry product shoots.


Fun Facts

Started a business at 18

Mildly obsessed with dogs,
(like my beautiful Bull Mastiff) 

Environmental Advocate

Traveled out of the country at 12

Coffee Drinker

Natural Light Seeker

Equally enjoys design and photography

Aspring serial entrepreneur